Workplace Retaliation

In New York, retaliation by an employer for an employee’s participation in a protected activity is illegal. If you complain to your employer or a designated agency about discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, whistleblower claims, or other violations of your rights in the workplace, your employer may not properly take any action against you that you might view as punishment or retaliation for the complaint. Federal and New York workplace retaliation laws also protect an employee who participates in an investigation or files a lawsuit against an employer for discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, whistleblower claims, or other work-related violations.  The New York workplace retaliation attorneys of Risman & Risman, P.C. are passionate about protecting your rights and are here to serve your legal needs.

If you have a genuine and reasonable basis to believe that your complaints are legitimate and meritorious, even if they turn out to be unfounded – your employer violates the law if, as a result of your complaint, he or she takes action against you that negatively or adversely affects your employment.

Adverse actions include, but are not limited to: discipline, negative evaluations, issuance of warnings, salary reduction, demotion, discipline, firing, change in shift assignment, or change in job assignment. Workplace retaliation may also include hostile attitudes or behavior by employers, including managers, supervisors, human resources representatives, or coworkers, toward an employee who complained.

Some Common Examples of Workplace Retaliatory Behavior:

–   Your employer learned that you are participating in an investigation of a sexual harassment allegation against him, and shortly thereafter, gives you an unusually negative evaluation even though your performance has remained continuously effective.

–   You file a discrimination complaint against your supervisor with the Human Resources Representative in your company. You are fired soon afterwards because of “performance issues,” although your performance was never an issue before you made your complaint.

Contact a Seasoned and Qualified Workplace Retaliation Attorney

Many times, workplace retaliation can occur in more subtle ways over a prolonged period of time. That is why it is best to immediately seek counsel regarding a possible workplace retaliation claim against a former employer.

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