The partners at Risman & Risman were extremely professional and listened to my concerns thoroughly, and most importantly, were always available to speak. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for great service and results.

Victoria S. – 2/3/15

Risman & Risman is one of the most professional, attentive and detail oriented firms I have ever encountered. Not only did they respond immediately to my questions and concerns, they took a personal interest in my issue going above and beyond what I expected. I would gladly recommend Risman & Risman to anyone as their diligence, knowledge and efficacy is second to none.

Dani Z. – 11/21/14

I am really lucky to have come across Risman & Risman on my search for legal advice/guidance. I was skeptical about dealing with attorneys because I know from experience that most of them are only interested in taking your money. That was not at all the case with Jeffrey. During our first conversation, he encouraged me to review all of my options to see what would be in my best interest, rather than jump at the first opportunity to make some money. Throughout the entire process, he always made me feel like my case was important. He was always reachable and happy to speak to me whenever i had the simplest questions or concerns. He also made me realize that I deserved to be treated fairly and fought for that, even when I had doubts. It was truly a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for legal guidance. Jeff, if you read this, thank you so much for everything. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be right now if I hadn’t called your office.

NL – 9/14/14

I was a client of Mr. Risman. He reviewed a contract for me. He gave great information (he is very knowledgeable), so that I was able to negotiate good terms. He also was very quick turning over my document. Lastly, he answered my follow up questions. I would definitely recommend him.

RF – 8/16/14

Jeffrey is truly great. At a difficult moment, you want someone to back you up when you are going to fight for fairness. Jeffrey is pragmatic, warm and trustworthy. In a short conversation, he concisely pointed out the direction to go. If you want to find someone that really helps, Jeffrey is definitely your choice.

WX – 7/30/14

After being terminated from my employer when trying to return back to work after a disability I felt lost and didn’t even know the right people to call nor the steps I needed to take. Many lawyers rejected my case but Jeffrey Risman was very empathetic and took the time to listen to me and took on my case. He was always available when I had any questions and always kept me posted on what was going on. He managed to have me reinstated in about two months and a half, and still followed up with me to see how things were even after his job was done. He is a great labor lawyer and I highly recommend him to everyone.

ES – 7/2/14

I met with Mr. Risman to discuss a contractual matter that had concerned me for some time and within half an hour he concisely delineated the issue and provided a clear opinion which was invaluable to me. I have spoken to many attorneys in the past on unrelated matters who were unwilling to take a position so early in the discussion for whatever reason, but that was not the case here. I will be returning to speak with Mr. Risman in the future when I require further advice or additional action on this or any other legal matter. I highly recommend his services.

Peter L. – 6/21/14

I hired Jeffrey for a harassment case, which many other lawyers that I had reached out to had rejected. Jeffrey was very straightforward from the beginning about the chances of winning this case, but he never gave up. He’s always been very assertive, professional and communicative. I can only highly recommend him!

SS – 6/9/14

I truly enjoyed working with Maya and Jeff. They really made it quite easy and made sure I understood every detail throughout the process. They are extremely professional and were able to answer all of my questions and allay my concerns. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for someone in need of employment representation.

SB – 6/7/14

Jeffrey was very helpful and thorough when reviewing my most recent sales contract I received. He took the time to sit down and go point by point, making sure I understood all of the legal language, explained what my rights are and what was appropriate to come back with for negotiating purposes. If you want to be sure you are protected and actually understand every term your contract says, working with Jeffrey is absolutely the way to go!

Jenna A. – 6/3/14

Things are never good when you find yourself needing or even thinking about, an employment lawyer. Even though my case wound up being a relatively simple one, it wasn’t something that I would have been able to handle on my own. And despite me obviously not being one of Jeffrey’s biggest clients, he still provided me the same excellent advice, was extremely patient with my craziness and anxiety, and got back to me just as promptly as he did with the other reviewers on this website (“within minutes” would not be an exaggeration). I have already indirectly passed his name on to someone else needing help with an employment issue and would definitely recommend him.

NC – 5/16/14

Jeffrey Risman is an excellent attorney. I called his office and he returned my call almost immediately. We scheduled to meet the following day. During that meeting he was very patient with his time and addressed all of questions and concerns and was extremely knowledgeable as it pertained to employment law, employer separation agreements, and severance packages. My issue was resolved favorably and he followed up to ensure that everything had transpired favorably. I highly recommend his services.

NB – 5/12/14

Jeffrey and Maya are the best employment attorneys in the area! From the very beginning, they were straightforward and honest with me about my case. They never gave me any delusions of grandeur nor was much money demanded upfront. They were sympathetic of my situation and fought aggressively for my rights. The staff was friendly and extremely helpful in helping me understand the full details of my claim. Overall, I am very happy with Maya and Jeffrey’s ability to settle my case. I truly appreciate Risman & Risman for getting me everything I deserved and for helping me get back on my feet and move forward!

Danielle I. – 4/6/14

Jeffrey solved my problem with a very wise approach even though he seems a very young lawyer. I would be more than happy to recommend him to all my friends.

NI – 4/3/14

Jeff was able to guide me during a difficult time. He was able to keep me focused on what my rights are (and those of my former employer). There’s a lot of misinformation out there about employment law, and I’m grateful that Jeff could navigate a complex matter and lead me to a great outcome.

PR – 3/31/14

I was going through a difficult period in life and had spoken to a few lawyers. Many were not even willing to hear my case. I contacted Risman and Risman hearing about them from a friend and could not be happier. Mr. Risman’s hands on approach and dedication to listening and understanding me as a client in our initial session was unparalleled. Jeffrey took my case and delivered the results I was looking for. Without his services I’m sure that I would not have had my needs met. Not only was Jeffrey committed and passionate about helping me but he was personable, respectful and educated me every step of the way. I often even heard from him with updates outside of normal business hours and gained not only a lawyer but a friend and advocate.

MT – 3/14/14

I was extremely happy with Jeff’s professional manner, and business manner in which we were treated. He always made himself available when we had a question or any concerns. His response was was always quick, and always had a answer for us. I have already given to former co-workers his name and number.

JI – 3/6/14

Jeffrey is truly a great attorney. Since he’s worked on the employer’s side, he definitely had an edge in dealing with my former employer. He knew exactly how to get maximum results. He’s very personable, yet totally professional. I can’t thank him enough for taking my claim, seeing it through to completion, while treating me with utmost respect. I highly recommend him if you have an employment issue.

DH – 2/12/14

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience while working with Mr. Risman. He was extremely diligent while negotiating the terms of my severance agreement, and was always available to answer the plethora of questions I had for him. I strongly recommend Risman & Risman – Jeff is persuasive, dedicated, and very compassionate. I am thrilled with the result!

NM – 1/23/14

These lawyers were extremely professional and were able to answer all of my questions and allay my concerns. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for someone in need of employment representation.

Irina T. – 1/15/14

I truly enjoyed working with Maya and Jeff. They really made it quite easy and made sure I understood every detail throughout the process. They were also readily available to me and were there to answer the myriad of questions that kept coming up. I couldn’t have found a better ally and a better representative for my issue and am happy with the result. I warmly recommend Risman & Risman.

Ana P. – 1/3/14

Thorough advice, attentive service, extremely professional.

Berton R. – 12/13/13

Knowledgeable, compassionate and really care about a client. Will fight and find the best solution for you. Always answers a client’s question with passion; truly care about a client.

MY – 12/10/13

Risman & Risman were great to work with on both occasions I used them. It was very easy to get into contact with Jeff when questions arose. They worked quickly and efficiently to solve my issues. It was a great experience and I plan to use them again.

Michael D. – 12/6/13

I could tell from my first conversation that these attorneys knew the complexities of employment law. Without hesitation, they answered all of my questions during the consultation and passionately represented my interests. I really felt a personal connection from the start that I have not shared with other attorneys in the past. If you ever want caring and knowledgeable attorneys on your side, choose Risman & Risman.

Oonagh B. – 12/2/13

These partners offer unparalleled honesty and professionalism. I’ve been working with them for about a year now, and they’ve given me first class legal advice every time. I wish all firms were like Risman & Risman, they do work in a timely matter and aren’t in the business to just collect a fee. I definitely feel their drive, hunger, and hospitality, but I think it all comes down to them being multi-talented. They’re young, bi-lingual, patient, smart and on top of their work. So, if you have any legal issues and want things done correctly and in a timely fashion, these are the guys to go to. I definitely recommend them!

Annam K. – 11/12/13

It is with great pleasure that I write testimonial and endorsement of Risman and Risman. I contacted Risman and Risman after I was terminated from my job. I felt that I was wrongfully terminated from my job. After explaining my situation with Mr. Jeffrey Risman he felt that I had a potential case. He patiently listened to the details of my case and he discussed all available options. He immediately contacted my former employer and I received a favorable outcome. He was always available to speak to me regarding any questions that I might have and he responded very quickly to my emails and he offered me straightforward legal advice. Any email that I sent to him was met with a prompt reply. I am thankful for him in believing in my case and me.

Shelly M. – 10/18/13

Jeffrey Risman is an excellent attorney. Caring and compassionate, he will work his hardest to secure the best possible outcome for a case. Rarely do you find such characteristics embodied in one person.

DL – 9/9/13

I just want to thank Risman & Risman for all their help! I am in a much happier place because of you! THANK YOU!!!

Terrence B. – 7/31/13

Jeffrey is a great lawyer because he takes care of business. You will never go a week without knowing exactly what’s going on with your case. He analyzes every detail with a fine tooth comb, and does his own investigation to make sure that your argument is supported with facts. He is very consistent and always on top of things. I am happy that I chose him.

TJ – 7/10/13

I contacted Jeff Risman to give me advice on how to handle situations at work as I was harassed and discriminated as a result of my pregnancy. He set down with me for a complimentary consultation and for an hour he carefully took down every single detail that he needed. He didn’t promise miracles and didn’t want to push me into lawsuits. He just simply carefully advised me what to do and drafted a letter for my employers. I went through 2 months of hell, but every time I needed to contact him, he was always available. He kept me on track as to what I need to do and asked me regularly for details that were happening at work. I never waited more then 15 min for his response. Thank you for keeping me on track and standing by me while I was in such a fragile state of mind. I still have my job, and I certainly couldn’t have done this without your advice and support.

GC – 7/1/13

First rate attorneys! Confident and competent from start to finish.They took the time to explain each and every step needed to ensure full compensation. No question was a bother for them to answer. The personal touch was incredible in that time of need. They made me feel as if I were not just a case and a number. Qualified and skilled at navigating all aspects of my lawsuit. Extremely satisfied.

Kyle R. – 6/28/13

A few months ago I was discharged from my job when I informed my employers I was pregnant. I knew at the time what had happened to me was absolutely wrong and unfair. How to prove it was my first concern and who was going to assist me was my second concern. I went on the website and came across a few attorneys I felt would be able to assist me with this case. One of them was not able to do so and dropped the case. I then went back on the website and came across Risman & Risman, PC. When I spoke to Jeffrey about my case, I knew I had found the right attorney!

When you’re dealing with the law it can be a scary thing, especially in my situation. It can be very intimidating! Dealing with attorneys Jeffrey and Maya they made me feel very comfortable and they went over all details, not just once but several times with me before dealing with the problem at hand. That showed they are not hasty but they take their time to figure out how they are going to handle your lawsuit. They also take the time out to hear what you have to say and they are very respectful and considerate. Jeffrey and Maya make you feel like they are truly on your side, especially when you feel the odds are against you.

I was extremely happy with the results of my settlement. Should I ever have another problem in the future, I will definitely be working with these two attorneys again.

Once again, thank you Jeff and Maya!!!

DS – 6/20/13

Maya and Jeffrey were very professional and took the time to listen to the details of my situation. They gave sound legal advice and helped me settle my case very favorably. I would definitely recommend them.

DP – 6/10/13

I came to Jeffrey regarding discrimination by my manager. He listened carefully to my concerns and then clearly explained my options and how best to proceed. I was very stressed, but I immediately felt at ease because Jeffrey’s knowledge of the law and dedication to me as client were apparent from the start. Thanks to his efforts and advice, there has been a marked improvement at the workplace. I highly recommend Jeffrey.

Anna Z. – 4/12/13

I’ve used Jeff on two distinct occasions.

One situation had involved a past employer withholding contractually obligated performance bonus payments upon my departure from the company. Needless to say Jeff provided me with the insight and information to work with my previous employer to obtain what was rightfully owed. We avoided litigation and any legal services.

The other occasion was with a potential employer working through a recruiter whom was seeking to obtain confidential information. With Jeff’s help we avoided all uncomfortable confrontations and with him wound up going direct to the organizations HR department to fulfill all my new hire needs. Thanks to Jeff I was able to become gainfully employed with out the harassment of the external recruiter.

I now feel comfortable seeking guidance from Jeff on other personal and professional matters.

Seth Y. – 4/8/13

Maya and Jeffrey helped me so much in a very difficult time and a very difficult situation. I was also very pleased with the award I received.

George J. – 12/19/12

Maya Risman and her staff helped me put my life back on track. Before contacting them, my employment had become hostile and unbearable. After a few months of retaining their services, I am happy to say that I am no longer fearful of discrimination at the workplace and feel like I have a friend for life.

Jan C. – 7/25/12

I was going through a personal issue which jeopardized my employment at a long term employer. This was a tough time for me as my employer laid me off. While the compensation package was nice I felt was not rewarded enough for my years of loyalty. Ms. Risman offered her services the day we spoke and not only offered to help legally but wanted to fully understand my situation. With her expertise and guidance I received a more appropriate compensation package.

Mark S. – 5/10/12

I had a very complex employment matter which was quickly resolved.  Being that my employment had become so stressful and anxiety ridden, I am glad that I became aware of this firm to help me with my legal issues. I would most certainly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs assistance with an employment related matter.

Ronald G. – 4/25/12

The attorneys at the Law Office of Risman & Risman worked diligently on my behalf and were able to secure a large reward for the injuries I sustained as a result of a very serious accident. I’m very grateful for all the hard work they put into my case.

Sheila G. – 4/1/12

These attorneys truly care for their clients and help every step of the court process.

Louzan E. – 2/24/12

Thank you Maya for making me feel like I was always a priority.

Lucia G. – 1/21/12

Absolutely the best. So very happy and pleased with the outcome of my case. Thank you guys.

Eric R. – 11/14/11

Maya and Jeffrey handled my case with the utmost level of professionalism. I was very pleased with the way my matter was handled, as well as its outcome. Besides handling the case appropriately, these attorneys ensured that I was aware of everything every step of the way. Someone was always available to speak and answer my questions. I am very grateful to her and the rest of her team!

Igor K. – 7/29/11

It’s really hard to find attorneys that care about the services they provide and work day and night for their clients.  The attorneys were honest from the beginning about the legal process and kept me well informed about all of the stages of litigation.  These are A+ attorneys.  Thank you guys.

Howard M. –  7/21/11

Ms. Risman and her associates fought very hard for my award and I recommend their services to all my family and friends.  Thanks so much for all your help.

Marion N. –  6/24/11

I couldn’t be more pleased with the professional courtesy and treatment I received from the attorneys at the Law Offices of Maya Risman.  Someone was always available to answer my questions through an extremely difficult period and I was very pleased with the outcome of my case.  Thanks Maya.

Olga C. – 4/26/2011



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