KD – 6-1-17

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One of the first experiences when engaging a Law firms services in New York is a feeling of somehow being ‘that you’re not quite important enough’ or ‘somehow a nuisance’ this is not one of those places. Light, clean and spacious offices met with friendly kind, concerned professionals, right from the beginning you feel completely at ease, listened to, heard and understood. Maya was attentive demonstrated a great deal of empathy and seemed genuine and intent on using her quite substantial knowledge of the Law to address my particular case. Resolving my issues and needs and then using her vast knowledge, understanding and sheer resolve Risman & Risman brought my case to a satisfactory completion to what seemed to me, within a very swift time indeed. Going to or being forced to visit a Law firm can be a somewhat harrowing experience and never a particularly fun thing to do but if you have to go then I thoroughly recommend this one. Thank you Maya.KD

KD June 1, 2017