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I came to the Risman law firm for assistance with a very messy exit from my previous company. At the time I was working for a large company that was going through changes and found myself in a highly abusive situation, feeling completely powerless going against this massive corporation. I needed help and protection and serious advice on how to get out amicably and professionally, while getting what I deserved. I started working with Jeff who guided me through this year long painful battle between said company and myself. The entire time he responded promptly to my emails, calls, and texts at all hours- literally responding late at night and early in the morning during dire times. I cannot put into words how stressful this time in my life was and he gave me the peace of mind I needed. Jeff came up with an executable plan for my exit, and at the time I was nervous/stressed about the plan- in the end he was totally right. Dealing with corporations is a game he clearly knew how to play. It was readily apparent he has experience and knowledge in these situations. I would highly recommend the Risman firm to a friend.

B.H. May 2, 2019