AC – 6-20-18

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Best decision I’ve made all year was to retain Maya Risman as my legal counsel. I needed help resolving a professional dispute that had gotten very ugly and very unpleasant. I sent queries to several employment lawyers, and Maya was the first to get back to me, full of compassion, common sense and helpful advice. She has since helped me steer the dispute to a positive resolution – a far better outcome than I’d previously expected, and definitely better than what I could have achieved without her counsel. At every step, she was honest, empathetic and understanding, while being scrupulous and tenacious in achieving the best possible outcome for me. She made sure I knew what to expect along way, and that I fully understood my options. Working with Maya, I felt heard and respected. Best of all, I knew that this intelligent, educated, savvy attorney was truly on my side, which made all the difference – both for my battered feelings, and for the outcome of the dispute. I would recommend Maya Risman, along with the rest of the Risman & Risman team, to anyone in need of an attorney. Their help was worth every penny, and then some.

June 20, 2018