The New York City severance agreement attorneys of Risman & Risman, P.C. pride themselves on implementing a zealous and unyielding strategy in negotiating favorable and equitable severance agreements on behalf of their clients. Our severance agreement attorneys will walk you step-by-step through the negotiation process and ensure you are receiving the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.


If your employer has given you notice that you are being terminated or eliminated, an immediate concern is what am I going to do, why is this happening to me, and what am I going to live on? Is it fair? What is comparable to what can be found within my industry for my position? Rest assured, our severance agreement attorneys will make sure to answer all of your questions, and if retained, we will strive to maximize the benefits of your severance agreement. We will also work with you and your former employer to ensure some semblance of financial stability in your future. You can feel confident in your representation, as our attorneys have gained years of experience in handling diverse employment law matters relating to severance agreements.

Severance arrangements may include not only money, but also benefits, termination of various options, and restrictions on use of an employer’s confidential information, and on future employment. Restrictions in your severance agreement can sometimes include non-solicitation or non-compete provisions. All of these restrictions  have a certain value to both you and the employer, and should be included in the discussion of what is fair to you upon your separation from the company.

In negotiating a severance agreement, it is also important to understand the employer’s rationale for letting you go. It is necessary to examine and evaluate whatever proof your employer may have regarding your termination, since under no circumstance can an employer terminate you because of a discriminatory animus or in retaliation for complaining of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.  It is also important to explore how others in a situation comparable to your own have been treated, because an employer will not be inclined to favor you in severance agreements over others. Nevertheless, under many circumstances, employers are willing to discuss improving the settlement deal you were originally offered.


Our severance agreement attorneys work with employees at all stages of a severance agreement issue, whether you are negotiating an initial employment agreement with provisions of severance or you have been terminated and offered certain benefits as severance in exchange for signing a release. Our attorneys will aggressively represent your interests in a severance agreement dispute, we will methodically examine and evaluate your offer to ensure that all potential issues are addressed, from the adequacy of compensation, to the coverage for health insurance, allowances, and other perks of the job.


The New York City severance agreement attorneys of Risman & Risman, P.C. are eager to help and discuss your concerns with you. There is no charge for the consultation. Please feel free to call us at (212) 233-6400 or contact us online.

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