Race Discrimination

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It is unlawful in New York State and New York City for an employer to discriminate against any employee because of his/her race, ethnicity or color. An employee cannot be denied an employment opportunity because of his/her racial group or perceived racial group, his/her race-linked characteristics (e.g., hair, color, facial features), or because of his/her marriage to or association with someone of a particular race, ethnicity or color. Our race discrimination attorneys  will fight employers who are guilty of race discrimination and will ensure that our clients’ rights are protected under New York Law.

Title VII, the New York Executive Law and New York City Human Rights Law strictly prohibit employment decisions based on stereotypes and assumptions about abilities, characteristics or the performance of individuals of particular racial or ethnic groups.

Additionally, ethnic slurs and offensive or otherwise derogatory remarks that are made because of an individual’s race may also constitute race discrimination if the conduct is oppressive in nature, and creates a hostile work environment.

There are generally two types of race discrimination claims:

–    Disparate-treatment discrimination occurs when race, ethnicity, color or another protected trait is a motivating factor in how an individual is discriminated.

–    Disparate-impact discrimination occurs when a facially neutral policy or practice has a considerable negative impact on one or more protected groups (individuals of certain races/ethnicities) and either the policy or practice is not job-related and consistent with business necessity, or there is a less discriminatory alternative and the employer has refused to adopt it.

A few examples of potential race discrimination:

–   You are required to work in a separate or isolated area from employees of other races, or you are not allowed to participate in work-related activities in which you would be in contact with employees of different races.

–   You are denied the ability to advance in the organization where you are employed, while individuals of a lower skill set, but of a different race, are permitted to advance.

–   Your position and the positions of others in the same racial group as you were eliminated during company layoffs, but most of the employees of a different race were able to keep their positions or were reassigned to other positions.

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