Non-Solicitation Agreement

In New York, non-solicitation agreements forbid former or departing employees from soliciting other employees to work for another employer, for a definite period of time. Non-solicitation agreements may also forbid the employee from soliciting the company’s customers and/or vendors, after leaving the employer. If you were directed to sign a non-solicitation agreement, it advisable to have the agreement reviewed by an employment lawyer before you sign it. By signing a non-solicitation agreement without first consulting an attorney, it is possible you may hinder future employment opportunities or business ventures. To find out more, or to have an experienced attorney review a non-solicitation agreement, contact us for a confidential consultation.

In order to protect their business interests, employers often require executives and other employees to sign non-solicitation agreements. Good employees can be difficult to find, and it may take years to build a customer base that keeps a business solvent; however, many such agreements seriously interfere with an employee’s ability to get another position.  It is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney prior to your execution of a non-solicitation agreement because you otherwise may be forfeiting a valuable asset.

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