At Risman & Risman, P.C., we comprehensively understand the intricacies of employment law in New Jersey, particularly in employment contract breaches. With extensive experience in the field, our dedicated legal team is committed to championing the rights of employees in New Jersey. We ensure that their contracts are respected and they receive the protection to which they’re entitled under state and federal law.

Understanding Breach of Employment Contract

An employment contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer that outlines the terms of the employment. These terms often include conditions of employment, compensation, job responsibilities, and grounds for termination. When either party fails to fulfill the obligations outlined in the contract, it can result in a breach of the employment contract.

A breach of an employment contract in New Jersey can occur in various forms, including, but not limited to:

  • Failure to pay the agreed wage, bonuses, or benefits
  • Unlawful termination or dismissal
  • Non-compliance with the terms concerning working hours, vacation time, stock issuances, or job duties
  • Discriminatory actions that go against the stipulations in the contract

Your Rights as an Employee

New Jersey law provides strong protections for employees. For instance, under the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law, employers must pay their employees the agreed-upon wage for all hours worked. If an employer fails to pay you as stipulated in your contract, they are in breach of that contract.

Another example is the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on various factors, including race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, and more. If an employer’s actions violate these terms of your contract, they may be guilty of a breach.

How We Can Help

When you believe that your employer has breached your employment contract, it’s essential to consult with an experienced employment law attorney. Our team will review your case meticulously, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your rights and possible courses of action.

We first determine if a breach occurred by evaluating your employment contract in detail and assessing the alleged breach. In cases where an unlawful termination is alleged, we consider whether the termination of employment was in violation of the stipulated grounds for dismissal in your contract.

If we determine that a breach has occurred, we will assist in navigating the legal procedures involved in seeking a remedy.

Possible remedies could include:

  • Compensation for unpaid wages, benefits, or bonuses
  • Reinstatement in the case of unlawful dismissal
  • Damages for losses suffered due to the breach

Building a Strong Case

Building a solid case for a breach of an employment contract involves a rigorous process of gathering evidence. This could include communication records, witness testimonies, and other relevant documentation.

For instance, when an employer has failed to pay the agreed wage, pay stubs, bank statements, and the employment contract serve as critical evidence. Any communication relating to the dismissal can be invaluable in a case involving unlawful termination.

We are well-versed in gathering and presenting such evidence, and we work tirelessly to construct a compelling case that gives our clients the best possible chance for a favorable outcome.

Consult with Us Today

As employee rights advocates, we’re here to uphold your contractual rights. If you suspect your employer breached your employment contract in New Jersey, contact us today. We’re prepared to provide the high-quality legal counsel and representation you deserve. We assure you, when it comes to protecting your rights as an employee, you’re not alone – we’re with you every step of the way. Contact us online or at (212) 233-6400.

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