Ten employees of Sweetgreen, a popular salad chain, have brought forth a lawsuit against the company, citing racial discrimination at seven NYC locations.

The suit filed in Bronx’s New York Supreme Court outlines distressing allegations:

  • Frequent racial slurs.
  • Favoritism towards Hispanic workers.
  • A systemic failure to hire or promote Black employees based on prejudiced views.

Notably, these allegations aren’t limited to racial prejudice. Claims of sexual harassment against female workers have also been spotlighted.

Though Sweetgreen claims commitment to a safe, inclusive, and diverse workplace, actions speak louder than words. The company, while refraining from further commenting on the ongoing legal proceedings, now faces a suit that’s expanded since its initial filing in March, directly involving ten plaintiffs and encompassing more of its establishments.

Significantly, NYC law holds firms legally accountable for any discriminatory behavior by their management. Two top-level Sweetgreen managers are also directly implicated in this lawsuit. The plaintiffs aim for restitution through economic damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and the coverage of attorney’s fees.

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