Today, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the signing of a series of groundbreaking employment laws intended to strengthen the rights and protections of New York workers. These laws focus on fostering a just and respectful work environment. Here’s a snapshot of the new legislative measures:

  1. Freedom of Speech and Conscience (S4982/A6604): Employers are prohibited from penalizing employees who choose not to attend meetings concerning the employer’s political or religious beliefs. This legislation reinforces the idea that workers should not feel pressured or intimidated by their employer’s views.
  2. Wage Theft as Larceny (S2832-A/A154-A): Recognizing the seriousness of wage theft and its impact on vulnerable populations, this legislation classifies wage theft as a form of larceny. Consequently, more substantial criminal penalties can be imposed on employers guilty of this crime.
  3. Improved Workers’ Compensation Benefits (S1161-A/A2034-A): To ensure low-wage workers injured on the job receive adequate support, the minimum benefits for workers’ compensation will be increased progressively over the next few years.

Governor Hochul emphasized that these laws are a testament to New York’s commitment to ensuring all workers are treated with dignity. Supporting her stance, New York Attorney General Letitia James pointed out that these laws protect immigrants and other vulnerable groups from employer abuses.

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