California State University recently made a minor change to its anti-discrimination policy that will significantly impact current and future students who attend the institution. This move will allow students who might otherwise be affected by oppression or discrimination based on their caste to receive certain protections under the university’s policy. By explicitly mentioning caste in its policy, Cal State will ensure that all its students are protected against discrimination and harassment while studying and learning at the institution.

Why Protection Against Caste Discrimination Matters

In South Asia, caste considerations once determined the career paths, social opportunities, and marriage options for those living under these systems. Although caste systems and discrimination based on caste are outlawed in South Asian countries, those of the lowest caste often experience significant issues both in their home countries and in the United States. This reality can lead to uncomfortable and humiliating situations for these individuals when they study at universities in this country.

When South Asian students report caste discrimination, they often face unhelpful discrimination policies that disregard or minimize their issues. Without clear language in university discrimination policies, students may not be covered by the protections offered by these policies. Allegations of caste discrimination may even be dismissed by those who may believe that those issues are minor or overstated. Those who have suffered from this type of discrimination can suffer severe emotional and educational harm due to caste-based comments and actions by other students and faculty. As more universities add caste protections to their existing discrimination policies, students from South Asia will enjoy a more equitable experience during their studies in the United States.

The Value of a Qualified New York Employment Lawyer

For those who have been the target of caste discrimination on the job, working with a qualified and knowledgeable attorney is often the best course of action for addressing these issues effectively. At Risman & Risman, we offer expert legal help for those facing discrimination in the workplace. Our team can provide you with specialized legal services for your issues. Give us a call today at 212-233-6400 to schedule a free initial consultation with our team.

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