Biden Cracks Down on Non-Compete Employment Clauses

President Joe Biden is planning to issue a large-scale executive order that will restrict the use of non-compete clauses and roll back requirements for occupational licensing for specific jobs and career paths. According to members of the Biden administration, these requirements and employment contract provisions do serious and material harm to the ability of workers to seek out better employment opportunities and compete effectively in the job marketplace.

Working Out the Details

The proposed executive order is still undergoing scrutiny and reworking by members of the Biden administration. One of the administration’s critical issues is that occupational licensing and contract law matters are often settled at the state level. The executive order must make the most of the federal government’s ability to manage these issues on behalf of workers across the United States to be successful.

Targeting Corporate Monopolies and Encouraging Competition

When it is released, President Biden’s executive order will be the latest in a series of economic moves intended to promote increased competition in the business marketplace and protect workers’ rights to pursue career paths that will benefit them and their employers. Federal regulators are also encouraged to take a hard look at any mergers or acquisitions to determine the effects of these corporate actions on potential employees. Industries that consist of only a few companies can significantly limit the ability of workers to choose a workplace and leverage their talents for optimal compensation.

Protecting the Rights of Workers

For many employees, working with an experienced and knowledgeable employment attorney can often empower and encourage them to make the right decisions that can affect current and future employability. By working with a lawyer who concentrates on employment issues, workers can protect their legal rights and ensure the best outcomes for cases of sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions, and other problems related to their employment or their place of work. These proactive efforts can provide added help for employees when they need it most.

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How the NY HERO Act Protects Workers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed into law a measure that affords workers an added level of protection against exposure to infectious diseases in the workplace. The New York Health and Essential Rights Act, more commonly referred to as the NY HERO Act, implements a framework that businesses and employers can use to protect their workers from airborne viruses and diseases in the workplace.

General and Industry-specific Plans

The NY HERO Act includes some important provisions that affect employers throughout the state of New York:

  • The law establishes an Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Standard that outlines the basic steps required to comply with New York regulations.
  • The NY HERO Act also offers a Model Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan that can be adopted and adapted by companies within the state to protect their employees against the transmission of infectious diseases.
  • Some additional models are available in the NY HERO act that applies to specific industries operating in the state of New York.

The guidance and prevention models are currently available in English and are expected to be available in Spanish soon.

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