New Regulations Prevent Discrimination Based on Hairstyle in New York City

According to an article published in The New York Times, New York City has announced its intention to take another step forward in protecting individuals from discrimination within city limits.  The New York City Commission on Human Rights released new guidelines on February 18, 2019, that will prohibit discrimination against people because of their hairstyle or hair. While the law applies to any person in New York City, the new regulation includes language specifically mentioning “hairstyles such as locks, cornrows, twists, braids, Bantu knots, fades, Afros, and/or the right to keep hair in an uncut or untrimmed state.”

Legal Recourse for Employees

The new regulations will protect workers who previously have been harassed, demoted or had their employment terminated because of their choice of hairstyle.  Employers will no longer have the right to dictate how individual staff members wear their hair.  Rules that apply to all employees equally, however, will still be enforceable. This includes rules about hair nets for food service workers and safety requirements about keeping hair secured in a ponytail or headband.

The Right Legal Help for Employees

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable New York City employment lawyer can help you enjoy the benefits of professional legal counsel and protect your rights in the workplace.

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Real Help for Victims of Sexual Harassment

A story reported by the New York Times in January 2019 involving allegations of sexual abuse and assault is tragic and alarming on its face and should act as a reminder that similarly situated individuals should act to combat these illicit actions as soon as they can.

The victim-accuser, Jennifer Glover, is left without a job and seeking compensation for her injuries from her former employer. She reported that she was sexually harassed, physically assaulted and injured on the job by attacks from other employees during the performance of her duties as a guard at the Nevada National Security Site. After she reported the assault and complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Glover was removed from her position.

A Frightening Situation

During a training drill that took place in November 2017, smoke deployed, and combatants simulated shootings and being taken into custody. Glover was told to lie down during this exercise because she was “dead” and was then handcuffed by two male security protection officers also engaged in the exercise. She was groped, hit by a rifle, and a nipple ring was forcibly removed from her body, causing an injury. When Glover reported the incident to her manager, she felt she was dismissed and was allegedly told, “This can happen in a man’s world.” The investigation identified no suspects, and no disciplinary action was apparently ever taken against the men who assaulted Jennifer Glover.

A Hostile Workplace Environment

Glover’s experience is not unique. Women in largely male-dominated workplaces often are subjected to harassment and abuse. Even when these actions are reported, women may face retaliation from employers and from the individuals responsible for mistreating, harassing and assaulting co-workers in the working environment. Working with a qualified attorney is often the best way to pursue these charges and achieve a fair resolution of sexual harassment claims against employers and staff members at work.

Taking on Sexual Harassment

Allegations of sexual harassment are often overlooked or dismissed by employers. As an employee, however, you have the right to work in an environment free of rude comments concerning gender, unwanted physical contact, and offensive communications and materials. By standing up for your rights with the help of an employment law attorney, you can ensure that your job is protected and that your employer does not succeed in retaliating against you for complaints and claims made with EEOC or other agencies.

The Right Solutions for Employees

For individuals working in the state of New York, enlisting the services of a qualified attorney who concentrates in employment law can provide the proven solutions and practical help needed to resolve sexual harassment and other issues that can occur in the workplace. Legal assistance will allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind and, in some cases, provide for an opportunity to receive fair compensation for illegal actions taken by your employer against you.

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