Target has agreed to pay $2.8 million to settle charges that its testing procedures for potential candidates was discriminatory based on race and sex. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) commenced this litigation after a reasonable cause finding was obtained post-investigation.

The reasonable cause determination held that during its hiring process Target’s exam disproportionately vetted out applicants for exempt-level professional positions based on race and sex, which violated the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The EEOC also found that an assessment performed by psychologists during Target’s hiring process was a pre-employment medical examination, violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits employers from subjecting applicants to medical tests before an offer of employment.

This settlement figure will go toward the individuals adversely impacted by the hiring process.

As we’ve discussed before, discrimination is not isolated to adverse workplace conditions. It can also include the hiring process and certainly testing for hire that disproportionately impacts a protected class of individual.

Risman & Risman, P.C. wants to ensure that while applying for employment, you or your family member is not disproportionately impacted in your hiring based on your membership in a protect class. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact the employment attorneys of Risman & Risman, P.C. at (212) 233-6400 or contact us online.

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